Announcing Ewen’s latest Photography book. Published through GOST Books, London.

UKG (Brandy & Coke) has arrived. 



Limited Edition of 1,000 copies
210 x 280mm
96 pages printed full colour and duotone
Hardback with foil deboss
Introduction by Mike Skinner and Essay by Jason Evans
ISBN 978-0-9574272-5-9

Ewen began making this series of pictures around the UK Garage scene in 1998 frequenting Twice as Nice at the Colosseum and various other events around what was then known as the Sunday Scene. He bears witness to a burgeoning underground being in the right place at the right time to capture a classic British Sub Culture.

The pictures take us from the dance floors of South London to illegal Garage Raves and eventually the success of the Cypriot resort of Ayia Napa’s hedonistic holidaying party crowd at the turn of the century. Never an underdressed moment the Garage scene epitomises the clean living under difficult circumstances aesthetic realised by many British youth since the late 1950s.

“Ewen’s photographs start when the scene was moving at it’s fastest and go right up to ‘moving too fast’. The first thing i wondered when i saw them was how he didn’t get beaten up for snapping such intimate moments of some pretty certified looking badmen..”

Mike Skinner, Brandy & Coke introduction




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[...] Volume 1 of Gauapa-mente on Ewen Spencer’s website You can also get hold of his new book UKG on his site here [...]

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[...] Some proper nostalgia from photographer/filmmaker Ewen Spencer, Brandy & Coke via Dazed Digital takes us back to the ’90s and the heyday of the UK Garage scene (#ukgaragescene) when overpriced champagne, Versace jeans and belly tops were all you needed for a good weekend. Looking back at the big nights from Cookies & Cream to Twice as Nice, Spencer speaks to a couple of scene legends, MC Creed and Mike ‘Ruff Cut’ Lloyd to find out how it all began and where it all went wrong (we’re looking at you, Ayia Napa). This might just be the best 8 minutes of your day. Press play and grab a copy of Spencer’s photographic tribute UKG, here. [...]

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[...] has even put together an absolutely amazing and very limited edition book with all of his best UKG photos. A perfect introduction to his world and those glorious days is the [...]

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in your book you dont mention the ukg official award wining freek fm havin been voted not once but 3 times best ukg garage radio station. freek fm made garage big freek fm was the first to take garage to ayia napa in 98 with freek n you in 1998 . and freek was the first to hold the biggest garage raves raming camden palace 2.400 ravers also in power house and bagleys film studios and having the own night called back to the manor was there b 4 girls fm and much before london underground which was made up of nine ex freek fm djs the garage scene was very small freek fm made garage big its an insult the the ukg scene that u dont big up freek fm they made garage massive and everyone fed of freek fm in the garage scene i wont say anymore but here are the djs that made their names on freek EZ REGGiIE YATES MISS DYNAMITE DENEO TIMMI MAGIC RAMSEY AND FEN CKP Mc NEAT the list goes on i can go on and educate you on the garage scene

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[...] Check out his book ‘UKG‘ here. [...]

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